About Me
My name is Nahid Isabirye. I'm a 16-year-old boy.

My birthday is
March 2, 2007.



Kamuli Primary School

Education Level



High Priority

Village Partner

Hearts & Hope

My Story

Family Situation:  My name is Naigaga, Racheal and I am a Mother to Nahid.  I am a peasant farmer who digs for others in order to earn a living.  When I dig, I earn shs 10,000 ($2.86) but this work is not consistent as many other people dig and it is seasonal work.  My husband lost his job during lockdown and so I am the only one who provides income for my family. Since the money I earn is not consistent,  there is not enough money to meet the basic needs of the family hence we are in need of help for Nahid’s education.