Sponsorship Policies


Terms of Student Sponsorship 

I am agreeing to sponsor an at-risk child in Uganda through Hearts & Hope, a 501(c)3 nonprofit registered in the state of Missouri. My sponsorship is a minimum 1 year commitment for an annual payment or a 1 year commitment through monthly payments with an automatic renewal as described below. I also understand that I have the option to provide additional support for my student and their school, such as making an additional annual contribution to the Basic Medical Fund and/or the School Facilities Fund.


Automatic Renewal Each Year

I authorize Hearts & Hope to bill my debit/credit card on a monthly basis. Each year, Hearts & Hope will contact me via the email I have provided on this form during the renewal month to provide me the option to discontinue my sponsorship. Hearts & Hope may also attempt to contact me via phone or postal mail to the phone number and mailing address I provided on this form. If my email address changes, I will notify Hearts & Hope of the change so they are able to notify me regarding my renewal. If I fail to notify Hearts & Hope that I wish to discontinue my sponsorship within this renewal notice period, Hearts & Hope will continue my subscription using the debit/credit card on file and continue my sponsorship for another year.


Changes to Credit/Debit Card

If my Credit or Debit Card expires or a new card is issued to me and Hearts & Hope attempts to bill my expired card, I will receive a notification from Hearts & Hope to update my card information. If I am unable to update the card within 5 days of my first notice, I will notify Hearts & Hope via email to info@heartsandhope.org so they can send me a New Card Update Notification.



If I wish to discontinue my sponsorship at any time during the sponsorship year, I will notify Hearts & Hope by sending an email to info@heartsandhope.org. If paying in monthly installments, Hearts & Hope will continue to bill my debit/credit card until my annual commitment has been fulfilled and then Hearts & Hope will find a new sponsor for the student for the following year.


Potential Change of Sponsored Student

The support that I provide is intended to enable my sponsored student to afford the tuition and materials required to attend school. However, I understand that any number of situations could arise which may cause my student to no longer attend school - such as moving to a distant village, disease, or many other personal issues. Should my student exit the Hearts & Hope sponsorship program, Hearts & Hope will notify me a soon as possible and identify a similarly at-risk child that will benefit from my sponsorship for the remainder of the term.


Communication with Student through Hearts & Hope

As part of my sponsorship, I authorize Hearts & Hope to contact me several times throughout the year so that I can provide a communication or care packet to send to my sponsored student. While I am not required to send a packet to my student, I recognize the importance of this packet to my sponsored student. If I choose not to provide my own packet, Hearts & Hope may contact me with the option of purchasing a pre-made packet for my student. I also authorize Hearts & Hope to email me pictures of my student and send me mailings from time to time.


Communication with Student outside of Hearts & Hope

Depending on the age of my sponsored student, he or she may have access to email and/or social media and may request additional funds, etc. I agree to notify Hearts & Hope of any such requests to ensure that they are handled properly through the Hearts & Hope staff in the US and Uganda. Hearts & Hope will assess the request and work with me to determine the best way to handle. If I have any questions about this issue, I can obtain additional information by emailing info@heartsandhope.org.