Partner with Hearts & Hope
International missions, made easy

Through long-term partnerships, we seek to develop relationships that create hope & transform lives. We partner with the Lutheran Church of Uganda in order to connect with local village communities who need assistance from fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. 



How can my Church get involved?

Whether you are looking for a way to get your congregation involved with a one-time event, or you are interested in a larger, long-term partnership, we have many ways for you to get involved and change lives in Uganda. And by changing lives in Uganda, I think you’ll find that the lives of those in your church will be changed as well. 


Hold a Sponsorship Drive

Show a video about sponsorship and mention our mission during service. Hearts & Hope staff will come on a Sunday and set up a table with students available for sponsorship. This is a simple way to engage congregants!

Fundraise for a Cause

Whether you want to raise funds for a clean water well, livestock to be given to families, medical needs of children or a small school structure - we have many small scale options that would make a HUGE difference in Uganda. 

Partner with a Village

The Lutheran Church of Uganda helps us identify rural villages and church congregations that are in desperate need of a school/church etc. When a church partners with a village, immense transformation occurs!

Let us host a Chapel

Members of Hearts & Hope can come present at a chapel. We can discuss what we do, how to get involved, or focus on a particular aspect of Ugandan culture and how God is working his mission through Hearts & Hope!

Contact us today to set up a call or meeting!