Rodgers Nasasraa

About Me
My name is Rodgers Nasasraa. I'm a 14-year-old boy.

My birthday is
July 2, 2008.



Ishongororo Primary School

Education Level



Immanuel - Brookfield, WI

My Story

The family is only engaged in small scale farming. The family grows tomatoes at home though this is mostly affected by pest and diseases making the harvests little on not generating income. The tomatoes that the family is engaged in as source of income are mostly affected by pests and diseases. Last season the entire garden was hit by worms and there was nothing to harvest. This is the same trend year after year with Agriculture and this has made the family remain with little or no enough income to take care of the most pressing basic needs like education and healthcare. Supporting Rodgers will help the family put the remaining limited resources to other needs like educating other children.