Swaburah Nabirye

About Me
My name is Swaburah Nabirye. I'm a 8-year-old girl.

My birthday is
November 16, 2015.



Butangala Primary School

Education Level


Village Partner

Immanuel - Wentzville, MO

My Story

My Home Life: My name is Kuburwa, Jessica and I am the Mother to Swaburah.  We live in Muguluka village in a one room brick house with my 2 daughters and one son.

Swaburah’s responsibilities at home are washing utensils, sweeping the compound and fetching water.

My husband died last year in a car accident and so I am solely responsible to care for the children.  I dig for others in order to earn some money. When there is work I can earn 8000 shillings ($2.29) in a day.  But this work is not consistent and there is not enough money to pay the rent and for the other basic needs for my family hence in need of educational help.