Shakira Basirika

About Me
My name is Shakira Basirika. I'm a 15-year-old girl.

My birthday is
April 13, 2007.



Nakabango Primary School

Education Level


Village Partner

Messiah - St Charles, MO

My Story

My Home Life:

I live in Nakabango village with my Grandmother, Father and siblings.  We are a family of six children; I am the third born. My Grandmother’s name is Namwase, Suzan.

My responsibilities at home are fetching water from the borehole, washing utensils, cooking and cleaning the house and compound. My parents separated and my Mother got married to another man. My Father has cancer and had one of his leg amputated and so he can’t do any work to earn money for our family. My Grandmother works so hard as a peasant farmer; she grows crops such as corn, sweet potatoes and beans in our garden for both home consumption and to sell but the money she earns is not enough to even pay for basic needs at home which is why I need a sponsor so that I can continue going to school.