About Me
My name is Wilson Maganda. I'm a 10-year-old boy.

My birthday is
April 24, 2012.



Kainhogoga Primary School

Education Level



Hearts & Hope

My Story

I live in Kainhogoga village with my mother and five siblings. My mother’s name is Namuyaga, Irene.

My responsibilities at home are fetching firewood, fetching water from the well, washing utensils and cleaning the compound. My parents separated and my father doesn’t send us any financial support. My mom has a heart condition and asthma limiting her from doing a lot of work. She works as a peasant farmer; she cultivates in our garden and grows crops such a corn and pinto beans for both home consumption and to sell but the money she earns is not enough to even pay for basic needs at home which is why I need a sponsor so that I can continue going to school.