About Me
My name is Aidha Nankwanga. I'm a 9-year-old girl.

My birthday is
September 10, 2012.



Nakabango Primary School

Education Level



Messiah - St Charles, MO

My Story

**Aidha is the 2nd born in her family living with her mother and siblings in a single room house. Parents separated three years ago and the father does not send any financial support to his children. Aidha’s mother is a casual laborer; she digs in other people’s gardens to earn money. She can for example dig from morning to evening for a week and earns UGX.20000 ($5.71). They also grow crops in their own garden for home consumption only. The money Aidha’s mother earns from casual laboring is used to pay for the children’s school fees and also buy their basic needs such as soap, salt, etc., at home but it’s not enough hence needing help with Aidha’s education.**