About Me
My name is Roy Mukyala. I'm a 15-year-old girl.

My birthday is
September 10, 2007.



St John SS Wakitaka

Education Level

Secondary - O Level


High Priority

Village Partner

Hearts & Hope

My Story

**Roy is the first born in her family living with her Aunt who has a family of six children and her husband. Roy’s mother died when Roy was two years old and her father abandoned her and that is when the Auntie decided to take up the responsibility of taking care of Roy. The Auntie’s husband accepted Roy into his family but can’t educate her because he does not earn much and he already has six children of his own he has to educate. The Aunt grazes five turkeys and ten local chickens which she later sells when they have reproduced and have matured. And, she also grows crops like maize, bananas, beans and sweet potatoes but for only home consumption. The money she earns out of selling her chickens and turkeys is not enough to buy basic needs for Roy and also send her to school hence needing help with Her education.**