Daseline Twongiire

About Me
My name is Daseline Twongiire. I'm a 15-year-old girl.

My birthday is
July 17, 2007.



Ishongororo Primary School

Education Level



Immanuel - Brookfield, WI

My Story

**Daseline is the last born in her family living with her mother and seven siblings. The father abandoned them 7years ago leaving all the responsibility of all the seven children to the mother. Daseline’s mother is a peasant farmer growing crops like millet, beans, ground nuts and maize but for only home consumption because her garden is small. The mother is also a causal laborer; she digs in other people’s gardens to earn a living. She can dig from 7am to 1pm and earn UGX 4.000/=.** **The money she gets out of casual laboring is to be used to pay for her children’s school fees, buy them scholastic materials and also cater for their basic needs at home like buying paraffin for their table lamp, soap for laundry and washing utensils and also cater for their medical bills in case someone in the family falls sick.** **Daseline and her siblings miss out on many classes at school due to lack of school fees because the money her mother earns out of casual laboring is not enough to cater for all the above hence needing help with her daughter’s education.**