About Me
My name is David Bumbi. I'm a 7-year-old boy.

My birthday is
January 25, 2017.



Butangala Primary School

Education Level


Village Partner

Immanuel - Wentzville, MO

My Story

My Home Life: My name is Naikoba, Zaleya; I am the Mother to David.  We live in Butangala village in a 2-bedroom brick house. I have 4 daughters and David, my son.  David’s  responsibilities at home are washing utensils and fetching water.

I am a single Mother who owns a retail shop to make ends meet.  I sell things such as sugar, food, cooking oil, etc. and can earn 10,000 shillings ($2.85) on a really good day.  Some other days I do not make any money at all.  There is no other source of income and the Father does not send any financial assistance for me to take care of the 5 children.  There I don’t have any other source of income hence in need of educational help.