About Me
My name is Esther Batubona. I'm a 11-year-old girl.

My birthday is
August 12, 2012.



Kamuli Primary School

Education Level


Village Partner

Hearts & Hope

My Story

My Home Life: My name is Kwagala Hellen; I am the Stepmother to Esther. We live in Kyabazala village in the Kamuli district. Her responsibilities at home are washing utensils, fetching water, digging and sweeping the compound.

Ethers’ Mother abandoned her and left her with her Dad.  When I came into the Dad’s life, I took Esther in as my own child.

I and my husband are peasant farmers; we dig food for home consumption only.  We have no other source of income and so lack money to buy food & other necessities at the market.  And so we could really use help with Esther’s school fees.