About Me
My name is Mercy Kisakye. I'm a 16-year-old girl.

My birthday is
January 1, 2007.



St John SS Wakitaka

Education Level

Secondary - O Level


High Priority

Village Partner

Messiah - St Charles, MO

My Story

Mercy is the 5th born in her family living with her Grandfather and siblings in a 3 bedroom and one living room house. Both of Mercy's parents left to go and look for work but never returned home. The Grandfather is a peasant farmer who grows in their own garden for both home consumption and to sell. For example, he can harvest there bags of corn/maize, each bag weighting 100 kgs and sell two bags each at UGX.50000 ($14.29) leaving one bag for home consumption. The money Mercy's Grandfather earns from selling some of their yields is used to pay for the children's school fees and also buy their basic needs at home but it is not enough hence needing help with Mercy's education.