About Me
My name is Prisca Kasubo. I'm a 7-year-old girl.

My birthday is
September 1, 2014.



Butangala Primary School

Education Level



Immanuel - Wentzville, MO

My Story

From Prisca's grandmother:


"Hi! My name is Tibili, Efulansi and I'm the grandmother of sweet Prisca. Prisca lost her parents at only three years old and has been living with me ever since. As I am older, she helps me by cooking, washing utensils, and cleaning our home. Our house is often dusty as we have dirt floors and unfinished brick walls, so she stays busy! As for me, I find work when and where I can. Mostly, I dig for neighbors and other villagers to earn some extra food or money. There are many other people like me who also dig, so I don't always have enough to feed my family. While we have a happy home, I struggle to provide the basic material needs for my granddaughter, Prisca, and appreciate help with her education and meals. Prisca is in P1, loves learning to read, and even wants to be a doctor when she's older! I am sure that her future will be bright if she is given the opportunity to study."