Sharuwah Muwumba

About Me
My name is Sharuwah Muwumba. I'm a 6-year-old girl.

My birthday is
August 17, 2017.



Butangala Primary School

Education Level


Village Partner

Immanuel - Wentzville, MO

My Story

My Home Life:

My name is Naigaga, Florence and I am the Mother to Sharuwah. My family lives in Butangala village in a 2 room brick house. There are 3 girls & 2 boys in our family.

Sharuwah’s responsibilities at home are washing utensils and sweeping the compound.

My husband and I are farmers who dig food for home consumption.  We do not have any source of income yet we have to pay rent, buy food and other basic needs for the family hence in need of educational help.