Medical Fund
Help children receive the care they need to live a healthier life

As mission teams and our staff in Uganda meet more and more children, they often find cases where emergency medical intervention is necessary. Donations to the Medical Fund help us address these needs as they are discovered. This will also provide basic medical services to the neediest in each community. Unfortunately, many villagers suffer with disease and sickness because they do not have access to medical care or are unable to afford the medications.

This fund will be used by Hearts & Hope staff to transport the sick to the nearest clinic, pay for doctors visits, procedures, and medications.

Donate to the Medical Fund

Any amount is welcome and your donation can have the following impact:

  • $10 could treat 10 children with ringworm
  • $25 Mosquito nets for 4 children
  • $50 Provide malaria treatment for 30 children
  • $100 Provide malaria treatment for 35 adults

​For situations requiring more extensive medical interventions, Hearts & Hope works with local doctors, clinics, and hospitals to understand costs and uses any available reserve funds.

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Past Medical Interventions

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