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With basic infrastructure in place, there are a number of opportunities to develop small businesses that support the village and the surrounding communities. Your support can help a young man or woman create income to better the lives of them and their families and serve their community for years to come! Your donation will also give the villages their start towards improving their local economy! A portion of each business' profits go back to community empowerment and support provided by the local soccer teams and coach.

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Catering Supplies in Nakabango

The women's group in Nakabango works hard to generate income to support their families. Their latest endeavor is a catering company. ​Messiah Lutheran raised funds last year to purchase some supplies to help start the business, but now the women are faced with a lack of warmers, large pots, etc. that will allow them to cater larger functions such as weddings and funerals.



We've invested in a piggery which is a surprisingly lucrative business. Pig products have some of the most versatile uses on earth. Pigs probably have the highest profit potential of all farm animals because they cost little to feed and maintain, and produce much more meat than cattle, goats and sheep!


Sewing Supplies

Hearts & Hope has fund-raised for and donated sewing machines and supplies to many of the communities we support. Having the supplies to tailor and sew is a vital way for the people, especially women and girls, to have a platform to make beautiful clothing and accessories, attract clients, and master sewing skills. This way, they can become economically self-reliant and support themselves and their families.


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