Provide Clean Water
Clean water for all

Imagine a world where you have to choose between sending your child to school or sending them to get clean water for the day.


Imagine you have to risk using the dirty water in the nearby drainage ditch and hope that your family stays healthy.

Hearts & Hope helps families where this is a reality in their daily lives.

Hearts & Hope is raising funds for its Clean Water Fund.

Provide Clean Water

Imagine the simple joy of being able to send your child to a school, knowing that they would return with clean water at the end of the day!

The truly sad part is that it takes so little to have such a huge impact.

  • $20 per month - 5 cents per day - can provide clean water to one person for an entire year
  • Around $8,000 can provide funds to install a borehole well in a village, providing water for hundreds of families.

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