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Donate School Furnishings

Once a school is constructed, it's critical that it is fully furnished and provides a richer educational experience for the children. Typically, children will kneel on the ground and use the bench that they usually sit on as a bench during the class. Desks similar to the ones shown on this page are expensive, costing approximately $75 per desk. However, each desk is shared by 3-4 children. The schools also make use of simple benches; these can be purchased for only $25 each!

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Donate Readers and Textbooks

Reading is a fundamental skill to be successful in school. Many times, students learn to read without the ability to practice their skills with actual books. Textbooks are also valuable and often times unavailable. Donate to our book fund and help expand the library of our schools while expanding the minds of these young student as well!

Donate Readers & Textbooks