About Me
My name is Brian Semanda. I'm a 17-year-old boy.

My birthday is
July 13, 2004.



Lwanda High

Education Level

Secondary - O Level


High Priority


Hearts & Hope

My Story

**Brian’s family live a grass thatched single room house which acts as both living room and bedroom. Brian’s father abandoned them in 2013 and went to live in a far way village leaving all the responsibility of the children to Neema (Brian’s mother).** **Brian’s mother sells herbal medicine and herbal soap which she makes at their home but it does not pay much. She can get SHS.35.000/= in a month and this money is to be used to cater for their basic needs at home, buy her children scholastic materials, pay for Brian’s school fees and that of his siblings’ but it’s not enough to cater for all that hence facing challenges.**