About Me
My name is Zainab Nakato. I'm a 8-year-old boy.

My birthday is
May 3, 2014.



Kainhogoga Primary School

Education Level



Hearts & Hope

My Story

I am a twin and the 2nd born in my family living in Kainhogoga village with my Mother and 2 siblings. My mother’s name is Kauma, Mariam.

My responsibilities at home are fetching water from the well, washing utensils and sweeping the compound. My parents separated and my father abandoned us, his whereabouts are unknown. My mother works so hard as a casual laborer; she digs in other people’s gardens. My mother also has a small charcoal business; she buys 1-2 bags of charcoal and resells it in small portions to people living in the area but the money she earns is not enough to even pay for basic needs at home which is why I need a sponsor so that I can continue going to school.