About Me
My name is Jackline Kagoya. I'm a 10-year-old girl.

My birthday is
November 27, 2011.



Kainhogoga Primary School

Education Level



Hearts & Hope

My Story

I live in Kainhogoga village with my maternal Aunt, my 3 siblings & my aunt’s children (my cousins). My Aunt’s name is Birungi, Jennifer. My responsibilities at home are fetching firewood, fetching water from the well, washing utensils and cleaning the house and compound. My father died from HIV/AIDS and my mother stays in a different village where she works as a casual laborer which doesn’t pay much. My Aunt has a cow she keeps for milk to sell and also grows crops like corn and pinto beans for home consumption only. My aunt has high blood pressure and this does not allow her to do a lot of casual or peasant work. The money she earns is not enough to even pay for basic needs at home which is why I need a sponsor so that I can continue going to school.