Packets - For February 2022

As you likely know, Hearts & Hope delivers packets from you to your students twice a year. Due to the continued pandemic, we will be handling the packet process in a different way again.

Hearts & Hope will be traveling to Uganda with a small team in February to check on the students and ensure they do not miss a connection opportunity from you - their sponsors! With that said, we will have only a few people hauling over the bags with over 1,000 packets. This means that our packet process for this round will again be slightly different. The packet size limits will be stricter in order to fit all our student's packets in the fewer bags our small team will be allowed to carry. We nonetheless want to ensure that you are able to send your love and greetings to your child the best way possible in this time. Thank you for your patience and continued dedication!

Option 1
Buy your packet HERE and we will do the rest!
Buy Packet Here

You can use the form below to include a letter and photos

All photos and letters will be sent to our program leader at Hearts & Hope. She will print them and include them in your purchased packet!

Embedded form here

Option 2
Mail or drop off your packet to a local partnered church or the Hearts & Hope Office!


Size restrictions are as follows for ALL villages:

- 6x9 inch envelope or smaller

- 8 ounces or less (Strict)

Please note: if a packet is overweight, we may have to resize it


Hearts & Hope Office Address

3000 Imperial Dr
St. Peters, MO 63303

Drop off at your local partnered church!

If you are putting your own packet together, you can take it to your partner organization/church.

For Nakabango packets:
Messiah Lutheran Church
5911 MO-94, Weldon Spring, MO 63304

For Butangala packets:
Immanuel Lutheran Church
632 East Highway N, Wentzville, MO 63385

For Nalwire & Ishongororo packets:
Please mail to Hearts & Hope
3000 Imperial Dr St. Peters, MO 63303


Please DO NOT put the following in your packets:

- Liquids of any kind

- Perishable items

- Full decks of cards

- Heavy boxes of candy

- Money or anything of high value

- Large boxes of pencils, markers, crayons etc.

- Large tubes of toothpaste

Please note that if your packet does not follow the sizing guidelines, we will have to resize the packet in order to follow the airline baggage
policy and successfully deliver it to your student.